Monday, 26 April 2010

2007 redraws

I was digging around my folder today and came across my Kingdom Hearts files from late-2006/2007. I used to be incredibly proud of these sketches - I remember drawing the Roxas one in Thailand and trying to place it where it would be most visible. (ie. subtly showing off) about embarrassing

I also discovered that I need to learn how to draw upper arms.

characters (c) Square Enix / BVG

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

hey hey, i saved the world today

Some slightly-more-recent and in-progress work. Again, click to see full sizes!

Lance (c) Nintendo/GameFreak. Outfit designed by Xiaoxi Zhang

Revisiting an old sketch...

Toothless & Hiccup (c) DreamWorks Animation.
Hiccup is incredibly hard to draw haha.. Just some drawing without any undersketches.. for fun

playing catch-up

Maybe I'll just kickstart this place again with a bunch of sketches and things from the past few months (very roughly chronological order - the ones near the end are around 1-2 weeks old). All are resized - click (or right-click->View Image for some of them) to view full size.

Note: These are mostly sketches and incomplete works; the majority of my finished work is in my deviantART gallery (there are a few pieces in the scrapbook too). I'll update my own portfolio site soon, hopefully.

Some experimentation with shapes and "looser" drawing

Pokemon (c) Nintendo/GameFreak

Experimentation with shapes and sketching on top of very basic lines (see blue)

Still life done in my backyard among all the insects

Toothless (c) DreamWorks Animation

Ruffnut & Tuffnut (c) DreamWorks Animation

does anyone ever eat Russian sushi. DRRR (c) Narita

a new start

Hopefully I'll start posting here more - I'm turning over an idea for something in my head.

I'm also planning to take a sketching trip with a friend to Melbourne Zoo in two weeks' time so hopefully that will be productive!

Just thought after two years of this sittin here, I'd finally make good use of it. Gotta make a new layout too...
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