Saturday, 21 August 2010

omatunto anna minun olla

I think I decided I'm not pursuing art in uni next year and now I have far too much time! what do I do with it... and I also realised that I forgot how to draw :') Suddenly fanart this song came on while I was drawing this ehe

There might have been a little frustration here. I find action poses 10000x easier than static ones but it still didn't help my art block

My hair is even more unmanageable than this shortly after a wash. (+Tegaki E progress stuff)

Nice book, Finland... the perspective/anatomy on this is probably all wrong ahh
Totoro was for my sister but I don't think she's even going to use it haha and I hate putting watermarks on my work too, I'm sorry.

I did this in February (read: when it was actually relevant) but for no reason at all I thought I'd just compile it. I only put in the frames that I drew over, so it probably won't make sense unless you've seen the original ad.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

sä et voi nyt tulla

Just one thing today & some detail shots. I might still fix some things actually I always say this and never really change anything aha even though I'll probably wake up tomorrow and hate it orz
I think I originally envisioned it being smokier & slightly more dingy but I couldn't get it to look right

I thought it was normal for people to work on ridiculously huge files but apparently not?? These are at 100%

oh wait have some kanteles... kantele? kantelen? too which probably wouldn't be functional in real life (on a side note, Finnish grammar I will conquer you one day I swear it)

Friday, 13 August 2010

päästäkää minut pois kalliosta

I've kinda hit an art slump and I'm feeling pretty inadequate about my lack of creativity, and time is running out... aah (not to mention I just found out I have pretty severe anaemia and vitamin D deficiency h-haha how am I even functioning with those sorts of iron levels)

I don't think I like Aleksi's colours much, I'll need to keep experimenting

I need to do another one of these because I don't think this one is good enough for RMIT... I'm so nervous about getting in to the course, 30/500 is a crazy acceptance rate! It's either that course or science, pretty much.

An attempt at making her look somewhat decent...

Aaaand have some animations! The first one was from last summer (I posted it here before as a gif but I added a few extra frames) and the second I did yesterday in Photoshop just for relaxation \o/

Friday, 6 August 2010

sitten olen valmis

There are still things I need to fix in both of these, but after forcibly blocking myself from distractions I'm actually getting things finished and it feels pretty good. :)
(also continuing with my obnoxious Finnish-song-lyrics-for-title trend, I'm sorry)

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

sinä olit ukonlintu outolintu

Just a couple of pictures today!

SO I watched this video yesterday on Pascal Campion and he is absolutely amazing. It was probably one of the most inspirational things I've ever watched!! Anyway I wanted to try painting without using anything but the brush & eraser in my quest to lose dependence on filters and other tweaks. It's by no means perfect, but it was definitely super fun :)

And one of those sketches that start with no real intention... or start with a nose. Either one.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

ei se oo minun syyni

Happy August!! I'm starting to panic a little, time is running out really fast ahh

Figuring out some environments/colour schemes for my story

I am working on this colossally slowly haha. ;; Also I don't know why I post (or draw) boring headshots..

I printed out some of my past art to send off to... somewhere... and it's really nice holding art in your hands. Especially on thick card (which I just stuck three sheets of paper together for because we have no card in the house :| )

have a Moomin :D
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