Thursday, 30 September 2010

ja maailma on sun

Studying is terrible asdf you would think I'd be getting a lot done in the time that it's taking me but I get so distracted...!


I can never draw Finland's hat-thing seriously what is it even orz it always ends up looking like a deflated mochi...

Some requests for people that I took to de-stress a bit

Redrawing something (oh man Denmark's face)... the red undersketch here is from last year but I should've just redrawn the whole thing because it was hard as heck to work off an old sketch
...and then I lost patience anyway asdkfh

Some books from the library & a copy of the Kalevala that I bought haha...

I got distracted by a handwriting thing aha that's all

Saturday, 4 September 2010

nej jag kan inte dansa

I'm gonna be really getting into study for school exams so if you see me around, tell me to go away! And I'll be 1000x slower replying to everything, I'm really sorry in advance. After exams I'll be finished with high school forever, hurrah :)

After I finished this I realised they kinda look like a sunfish. Then the next day I realised that the word 'sunfish' looks like 'sufin'. hahaha :'| This kinda creeps me out the more I look at it though ahh

okay, Finland. whatever you say, Finland...

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