Sunday, 30 October 2011

won't stop running till we reach the sun

Once again exams are around the corner (in about 9 days, damn) which is the perfect excuse to draw one or two things and post an entry here, haha. And going by my track record/the study I should be doing I don't think I'll be posting again until after I finish on the 11th so hopefully I'll have been a bit more productive by then. Hopefully. Also need to remind myself to make a more-decent layout for this place

Got some recycled sketch paper! I've been looking for toned paper that didn't cost near $100 to ship here and I finally got some & bound it at Officeworks :) I think I was too keen and made it a bit fat though

And some things for a friend's birthday which was on the 13th (ignoring the paper scrunch and the too-far-right text ahhh cringing so much)

title lyrics from here

Monday, 3 October 2011

wheel breaks the butterfly

And once again keeping this place updated has completely slipped my mind, oops. Due to (another) recent resolution I'm trying to actively get back into drawing, but for now this is mostly all I've done over the past 2-3 months

And some completed pictures which I've already posted elsewhere everywhere (still debating whether I should keep this just for sketches or dump everything here):

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