Wednesday, 14 December 2011

kun suljen silmät

Desperately trying to get back into drawing but it's so hard. Also apologies while I finally fiddle with my layout haha

Strange things happen when I'm in an odd mood. ie. things lose bones

And a WIP of a redo of this picture ahhaa so ugly, I wish I still had the very first picture of Karleigh that I did in.. 2006? Haven't improved nearly as much as I wish I did. Sarah is redoing Liam & the background is just a rough placeholder for now. This time without mittens. note to self: fix the tangent on her ankle

..actually I drew a little more than I remembered, there goes my hope of a somewhat-short update oops

Some stuff for Christmas because I am obviously 5 years old (hoping the recipient of the former won't see this but very much doubting it so I'll risk it). On that note & assuming I don't post beforehand going by my track record, I hope anyone reading this has a merry Christmas & a happy new year! Here's to a year where I'll hopefully improve both skill-wise and updating-wise haha

aaand title lyrics from here (so excited for this new album)
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