Friday, 24 February 2012

if i ever feel better

So despite my resolutions I unsurprisingly seem to have neglected this place again, oh dear. Haven't really managed to do my one-sketchbook-page-a-day thing either

But anyway! Not much in the way of news, though I was approached to do some freelancing work for the UK-based Digital Artist magazine and my first article/guide will be published in late March in issue #31, hurrah :) Also, university starts again next week. Not so hurrah.
Also also, I appear to have turned 19, which I'm not altogether happy about haha. Also also also, I'm not quite prepared to publically post my animation from the February intensive subject I did because it's quite terrible - next time maybe! In the meantime, have this meagre offering of sketches, padded with some things I did for the article.

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