Monday, 9 April 2012

matriarchs of summers past

Posting! I have a few things to post merely because I have a midsem next Monday which covers 36 lectures and I'm avidly avoiding studying for it haha (how will I ever cope with the 72 lectures' worth of exam)


Sunday, 1 April 2012

and the thrill won't stop

Oh man I can't believe it's already April?? Going through some issues atm (or rather a continuation/worsening) so I won't say anything about my incredibly mundane personal life in case I go on a huge emotional ramble haha, though I will say I'm vaguely worried I managed to convince myself to take this whole weekend off any uni work despite having a midsem tomorrow? Additionally, basically all my close friends/family have recently implied that they assume I'm going to go into a science career despite all my d&m conversations with them over many, many years about my ~inner turmoil~, which has just convinced me that no one actually believes/takes what I say seriously. Wonderful feeling, that. BUT I said I wouldn't go into a personal ramble ahh damnit

(ok I'm just posting this to fill up space haha, just a mockup psd to help me with my room redecoration which is basically the only thing that even vaguely piques my interest these days.)

And I actually think that's.. all I've drawn since my last post in late February. I'm not sure this discovery makes me feel any better ahahah gonna go.. drown my sorrows in tea and.. crumpets....
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