Saturday, 23 June 2012

like a spacetime inspector

Nothing much interesting happening in my life after that massive list of last entry, though the thought I'll be off to Canada in two months to live for the rest of the year is pretty intimidating.. and exciting, haha.
Also again, if you're a Community fan & you're in the LA area: be sure to check out the Six Seasons and a Movie art show! I really wish I could be there for the opening weekend (the art will be exhibited at another location all summer, which is when I'll be visiting in late-August, but most of the exciting stuff is this weekend) but unfortunately a rather large ocean prevents that from happening

..oh wait, I also got an Intuos5 haha my Intuos2 is still working but I thought I'd reward myself for getting halfway through uni. I feel like I've betrayed my trusty tablet of 7 years but I'm still planning to bring it overseas with me! I'm still adjusting to the ExpressKey workflow but it's pretty amazing.

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