Monday, 15 July 2013

hey kemosabe!

Aaand part two! This one includes the oil paintings I did for my winter subject at uni. As well as my (re)discovery that ballpoint pens are hella fun to draw with. (courtesy of being left alone with nothing but paper and ballpoints during exam period). In any case, it would seem my biomedicine degree now has two art credits part of it? Score.
I also forgot to mention in part 1, I've been working on a ~secret children's book~ the past few months with a fairly well-known Australian author - I can't disclose much now but hopefully soon!

(thank goodness for Blogger's blessedly efficient image upload system. Now please someone kick me so I update more often and don't have to resort to these massive posts... -me, for the past 5 years)

Soooo back to rocking back and forth over my portfolio I suppose, à bientôt o/

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